Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain

Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain are ghazal singers from Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan state in India. Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain are two brothers who sing classical ghazals. Born in Rajastan as sons of the famous ghazal and thumri singer Ustad Afzal Hussain, the duo touches genres like Indian classical music and bhajan as well as ghazal. They started their singing career in 1958  as classical and thumri artists. Their first album Guldasta was released in 1980 and was successful. Since then they have released about 50 albums. They attempted popularizing their music by turning to tempo music in Maan bhi ja.

Ustad Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain are a unique phenonmenon in the world of ghazals. They are two brothers who sing ghazals together. They have a classical background and sing ghazals in the good old classical style.  Their sons Javed Hussain, Mazzam Hussian and Imran Hussain are also singers.


  • Sangeeth Natak Academy award in 2000.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_and_Mohammed_Hussain


Ahmed & Mohammed Hussain: Chal Mere Sath Hi Chal

Purkaif Hawayein Hain – Ustad Ahmed Hussain Mohd.Hussain

Ahmed & Mohammed Hussain::Main Hawa Hoon

Bazm -E- Ehsaas – Zindagi ki raaha main

Pyar Ka Jazba Ghazal- Mohammed Hussain & Ahmed Hussain


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